20 October 2006

Marking milestones

MY STAY here, as Coko Cafe promised, has really been invigorating. More so because the past two days have been quite really good, in a quiet private way.

1. Yesterday, I received a fax message from the Human Development Network (HDN) inviting me to become a member. (Of course I will.) The HDN is

a non-stock, non-profit organization whose mission is to propagate and mainstream the concept of sustainable human development through research and advocacy. The members are development practitioners from national government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, academe and research institutions. In terms of discipline and background, the group is composed of social scientists (economists, sociologists, political scientists, etc.) and specialists in public administration, education and social work.
Maybe it is time to add "local government units" to the list.:)

2. Last night, I also had a quiet dinner with John Nery of the Inquirer and Newsstand fame. Yes folks, the name behind a most wonderful and intelligent blog suddenly acquired a face, and we had some fun exchanging notes, tracing journeys and trading stories over dinner of sizzling sisig and shrimp fooyoung at Cafe Frederico.

3. Bicol Mail came out today with a banner story based on my Bikol poverty series, and editor Joe Perez's column expounded on what I thought were the emerging storylines behind the NSCB data for Bicol provincies, cities and capital towns.