14 December 2006

A perfidy, this time in the 1st district of Cam. Sur

NOW THAT con-ass is dead, and 100 of the 161 congressmen who co-starred with the accused Gangbangers (see also this post by Dominique Cimafranca; and I like that bit about "negative votes") are belatedly hand-wringing as they shout their 'mea culpas,' it is time to focus on another perfidy that is going on in Camarines Sur.

For this, let me yield to Dave Bercasio's most recent post, which is about a carpetbagging presidential son, a former congressman who sold out his district, and the main sponsor of the failed con-ass measure who cobbled up the whole thing.


The renowned Bicolano historian Prof. Danilo Gerona once wrote about Oragon as a virtue. A word, in which Bicolanos are known and are associated with outside of the Region. But while the word would most of the times (since at times it would have a negative connotation) bring pride to us Bicolanos, it is being endangered today.

In the first district of Camarines Sur, the oragon politicians and political families gave a new meaning to oragon by offering the seat as the district representative to the presidential son, Dato Arroyo in golden platter, with all the garnishments at the sides (this is how one businessman describes the situation). What the Andayas and their allies did was to invite Dato to run for Congress and offer not to run against him. They said that having Dato as Congressman would ensure that benefits from Malacañang will surely flow to the district. I say that they are not of thinking anything else but themselves. What development? For whom?

For them. They think that to be oragon is to be able to create a situation wherein one could amass great wealth, and at this time, by making Dato run for Congress.

Echoing a sentiment from a punong barangay from the 1st district, this will go down in history that our politicos sold out the 1st district to the monied and the powerful non-bicolano. More painfully, it will be a stigma that will rob our young of the pride of being Bicolanos!

This is also TraPo at the highest level. A politics of patronage and not of platforms, character, capacities and track record.

But the fight is far from over, though. Some groups are now going around the 1st district to talk to capable and promising individuals to stand up against this blunder. We hope to stage One Big Fight inspired by the story of David and Goliath.

By the way, if we don't do anything now, congressmen from Albay may in 2010 sell-out some districts to Luli Arroyo or Mike Arroyo.

If you have thoughts on this, and if you know of persons whom you think we can ask to run against Dato, please send me an email at dbercasio@gmail.com or post it as a comment.
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Dominique said...

Sounds similar to Atienza asking Pacquiao to run as vice-mayor. Sigh. Far too common for comfort.