10 March 2007


BEFORE I left the office yesterday afternoon, Oliver Mendoza's entry on his wife's travails at the Pasig City Jail -- no thanks to the onion-skinned Chavit Singson and "difficult" staff at the Pasig Regional Trial Court -- popped up on my Google Reader. No wonder Mike Arroyo and Chavit are on the same side.

This reminded me of some exchanges I had with fellow NPM online seminar participants, two of whom are Philippine judges who are both proud of the reforms initiative by former Chief Justice Hilario Davide: this is Exhibit "B," your honors; the Naga City Hall ejection case, of course, is Exhibit "A".

I am looking forward to Oliver's next posts on the subject, as he promised. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his wife is actually the Newsbreak writer I had been in touch with via email. And that it took place on their 10th wedding anniversary made my blood boil.

Taking that arrest as a "badge of honor" also reminded me of one of my very first entries, and the first that Manolo linked up to when I started blogging close to two years ago. That my colleague Joe Perez felt the same way is indicated by the fact that his Bicol Mail columns go by the name "Selda Numero 10" -- his cell assignment during those fateful days of July.


dog crates said...

Funny, I actually had this on my mind a few days ago and now I come across your blog...