02 May 2007

Missed fora and a podcast

BACK IN Naga after a long trip, I found out belatedly that I missed the slam-bang final installment of the political fora that the Caceres Commission on Communication (CCCom) organized, in cooperation with the local Comelec office in Camarines Sur.

That's another example of opportunity cost for you: opting for the NPM seminar, I missed the chance of live-blogging each forum, starting with the ho-hummer between Abang Mabulo and the conveniently absent Dato Arroyo last April 20; and the next installment the following day that featured the mano-a-mano between former Rep. Sulpicio "Cho" Roco, Jr. and incumbent Luis Villafuerte, Sr.

Most explosive, of course was the last one last April 27 which -- according to reports -- was characterized by personal attacks between Mayor Robredo and challenger Jojo Villafuerte, as well as Gov. LRay Villafuerte and challenger Eddie Pilapil who both quoted passages from the Bible.

Tied up by expense internet access in Germany, I was not able to surf the Net as I usually do here. But before leaving for home, I chanced on another PCIJ feature story via the GMA News website; it was written by Alecks Pabico on the newest political challenge facing our reelectionist mayor. Even if we did not meet when Alecks visited the Naga city hall, I made a cameo appearance in the article, courtesy of a quote that came from this entry.

A podcast appears together with the main feature, but if you are broadband-challenged -- as my internet connection at home is -- this transcription will do fine.

Meanwhile, I am hoping to secure audio recording of the three fora from the CCCom. I'll try to find a way of uploading them here so that we will still be able to listen to what actually transpired -- and in a way mitigate the opportunity cost of missing them out.