23 July 2005

Key reference documents

JUST finished setting up my account at Yahoo! Geocities. This enabled me to access webspace for uploading documents generated under our Reinventing the School Board program that can be useful as reference materials.

For a starter, you might want to take a look at the following:

  • The proposed performance-based incentive scheme for public school teachers in Naga City. This is a PDF file of my presentation before school-level representatives of the Naga City Teachers and Employees Association (NACITEA) last June 27. It provides operational details of the city government's proposal in regard to the additional allowance for public school teachers.
  • Improving education outcomes. Mayor Jesse Robredo presented this during the city-level performance review and local education planning conference on February 21, 2005. This key document serves as guide for School Board programs, projects and activities over the next three years.
  • Covenant to Transform LGUs into Learning Communities. A relatively large PDF file (around 2.5MB), this document was signed between former DepEd Secretary Abad and the Philippine local governments doing education reform last June 29, a week before he joined the Hyatt 10 in resigning and asking GMA to resign herself. It details the specific education reforms that we would like to see in the public school system, and how the DepEd, its local schools divisions and districts, and local communities led by LGUs can make them happen.