22 June 2006

Why I resumed blogging: A promdi's manifesto

AFTER a 10-month hiatus, I decided to blog again.

The opening of the new school year rekindled my interest. Education governance reforms, after all, are my enduring passion. The mainstream media touched off what has become an annual ritual decrying the sorry state of public education. A defensive regime tries to put as much spin as it can to pass the blame and muddle the situation—without actually assuming responsibility over what has become a three-decade mess—and gets away with it. As it did with the murdered impeachment process a year ago.

Then interest dies as soon as another controversy, another natural catastrophe, another scandal grabs the headlines. And so we fail to address the roots of the problem because things have moved on by order of our nature. We have become an attention-deficit nation, perpetually in motion, yet never truly able to focus: we are living proof of Newton's first law of motion.

For the past 10 months, I was the frustrated ostrich who opted to bury its head in the sand.

But I decided to blog again to pursue—and focus on—my passions: education governance reforms and all that matters to Naga and Bikolandia.

As our course in Cambridge was winding down, a Cypriot classmate once emailed me, asking about my plans after graduation. I said I will go back to Naga because it is where I can make a difference. This blog will try to be that—in the context of an 18-year and running urban democracy project in the city of my youth. For a promdi like me, it is bar none the most exciting place in the world to be :)


Maryanne Moll said...

sure, willy. you can link your blog to mine. i'll do the same, even if i have yet to browse your posts. have not been able to read my linked blogs lately. work is toxic.

take care.