08 September 2006

I am read, therefore I am?

URBANO de la Cruz, in his most recent post on a highly interesting series on designs of democracy, attributed the lack of comments to any one of the following: 1) he's not making sense or 2) no one gets it or 3) no one's reading.

I had the same idea while plodding on with this blog some three months after I resumed posting. But this morning, the last paragraph of today's Inquirer editorial sounded strangely familiar:

In Naga City, Mayor Jesse Robredo similarly faced eviction from city hall. Even though his supporters surrounded city hall, public services (except for traffic management) went on virtually unimpeded while the widely admired mayor brought his case to court and secured a temporary restraining order. Robredo showed exactly what an official in trouble needs to do first, which is demonstrate his faith in the system.
I am not really sure if people at the Inquirer do pass this way from time to time, but what the heck! That some fellow travelers in the blogosphere drop by is gravy. For me, it's more of "I write, therefore I am.":)


Dominique said...

Hi, Willy: sometimes I get that feeling, too; it can be a little discouraging while, on the other hand, artista and SEO-optimized blogs get all the audience. But I feel a little better when I check my sitemeter -- there I can see that people are checking out different posts and staying on the blog.

Dominique said...

Rest assured, Willy, I am a fan ;-)

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Me too:)

Can it be possible to bring together the non-Manila bloggers (from place that Manolo calls the "new Philippines"?)

Frankly, I have no idea how many we are and how it can be done, but we have at our city website an aggregator of Naga blogs. Its at http://planet.naga.gov.ph/ It gave me an idea: maybe an aggregation of non-Manila bloggers (Planet New Philipines?) is an idea whose time has come.