13 August 2007

The new CPDO performance pledge

EARLY this morning, our flag rites was highlighted by the signing of new performance pledges by all departments and offices of the city government. To the right is the pledge each one of the us in the planning office signed. Once mounted, it will be placed right outside the office.

It is one thing though to have that in place, it is another to make it work. We therefore encourage clients to measure us and find out if we live up to our commitments insofar as frontline services of the department are concerned.

Before the year ends, two additional developments will add teeth to these tools: One, the proposed accountability ordinance that will impose penalties to departments and their personnel who don't measure up to their commitments.

And two, a similar ordinance being drafted by Nathan Sergio that will streamline the subdivision development permission process in the city and set performance targets, including clear timelines for rendering decisions, for both CPDO and the land use committee.

This is a first that will involve the sangguniang panlungsod and bind its decisionmaking processes to performance targets, like their counterparts from the executive. Yes, it will take away some flexibility on the local legislature's part, but that would be a big push for predictability and another giant leap for good governance.