14 August 2007

Poll: L-Ray or Joey?

THE results of last week's poll was clear: it's Mercury Drug by a mile, preferred by a 13-3 margin. What is interesting is that another 3 opted for neither drug store: it would be well and good if it is because there is no Mercury nor New South Star in their place; but if they are local residents, it spells trouble for NSSD.

When voting closed yesterday, I was hard-pressed for a new topic. The resurgent war in the South -- whether the government should declare an all-out war against the terrorists, continue to give peace talks with Muslim separatists a chance, or both -- came to mind but I eventually decided against the idea. Probably because it's too complex, and confusing.

But this morning's RDC meeting gave me a perfect alternative. It's an issue closer to home, the protagonists are pretty much well known locally, the choices are clear and leave no room for equivocation.

So, our poll for the next five days: Who should President Arroyo appoint as Bicol's next RDC chair: Camarines Sur Gov. L-Ray Villafuerte who is aiming for a repeat? His fellow GMA loyalist Albay Gov. Joey Salceda, who is on his first term? Or one of the two private sector nominees?

Take your pick. Who knows? Somebody in Malacañang might be tuned in.:)