29 September 2006

Typhoon Milenyo: The aftermath, Part II

I PHONED our EDP unit at around 12pm, and Ansel Maño answered on the other line. No, they don't have a standby generator, but he heard from somebody that there might already be internet access at the posh Avenue Square, which prides itself as a total Wi-Fi zone.

Ansel's lead is heaven sent, so here I am at the Coffee Beanery, thoroughly enjoying free wireless internet access on the pretext of relishing a cup of iced coffee and some pastries. My hats off to Bayantel for an exquisite DSL experience in the aftermath of Typhoon Milenyo: a luxury in these difficult times.

Here are pictures I took yesterday morning after confirming that everything's all right at the School Board office:

Mayor Robredo checking PT&T's fallen microwave tower. I later saw it when I did the previous post at the PT&T office.

A fallen signboard staring down Casureco II's boom truck.

The payloader of the City Engineer's Office hoisting a chainsaw-armed frontliner, taking on a fallen acacia at the Civic Center...

...while a youngster does his share in picking up trash that Milenyo left behind.

Bitter rivals share the same fate in the face of Milenyo's howling winds.


Grace said...

Many thanks for the report.

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

No problem, Grace. Glad to be of service.

grace said...

I had no time to watch my favorite NHK morning news and check your weblog for more than 1 week almost. I just learned that there were casualties and serious damage left due to 2 typhoons hitted Japan. My friends's apple and persimmon trees are affected badly but their ricefield are safe. They were able to harvest the flattened crop using their modern machines. It is still gloomy here now though and chilly. The normal autumn weather.

Please continue writing.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who gets advantage by your charity spirit. There are many of us from overseas.

You're maybe unaware but I assumed that your weblog is likely the answer to my unanswered email to the Mayor many months ago.

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

You know, I'm beginning to appreciate the information that Sitemeter brings me, especially in giving me an idea about the overseas audience you mentioned who visit this blog.

It was heartwarming to find out that it is useful to you people out there.