03 November 2006

I'm off:)

A HUGELY painful seemingly arthritic right foot notwithstanding, I devoted last night, and the afternoon before that, to fixing loose ends, checking some facts and on the whole organizing thoughts for my first novella in line with the ongoing NaNoWriMo.

It was pure desk work: with printed references on hand, all of it from
Fer's Oragon Republic, but with no word committed to the hard drive of my PC, except for the lousy title and a tale playing on my mind. From time to time, I would sound off my wife and my eldest on what I've come up so far. She was genuinely interested, but more so my Ezekiel -- currently busy with finishing off Kingdom Hearts 2 in between playing Yugioh cards with Jack Ryan aka Budi.

After finishing the invitation and attachments for our November 8 school board meeting, and some other office stuff this morning, I tried committing the tale to words for the first time. It took me around 15 minutes, probably more than that, to finish my first 500. I wanted to go on, but I had to fetch Sofia and bring her to the
Ateneo for her dancing lessons this afternoon.

But it felt good, really good. There is no guarantee I'll see Dom Cimafranca at the finish line: 99% of the work is still undone. But at least I am now off.:)