27 November 2006

Winter comes early in Vancouver (2)

"I'VE NEVER seen anything like this in the last eight years," our host Dr. Leonora "Nora" Angeles told us as we went to the Taiwanese Noodle House for lunch after going to church service. "Snow only comes around in January, and not this heavy. You should be lucky to have seen anything like this."

According to the Vancouver Sun website, this freak weather situation is expected to dump more than 13 inches of snow by tomorrow. The following is what worries me:
Vancouver International Airport has reported several flight cancellations and delays. Officials are urging anyone who has a flight leaving Vancouver to first check the Air Canada or Vancouver airport websites before leaving.
I hope our lucky streak continues. The PAL Airbus that is supposed to leave for Las Vegas has been sitting there at the Vancouver International Airport, delayed for at least two hours. Together with another 1.5-hour delay while airborne, that's close to four hours already. According to the PAL website, it is estimated to leave at 6:30pm, which is still an hour away as I write this. Which means that at the very least, we're looking at a 2:40am departure from Vancouver -- assuming there are no more delays from the Las Vegas sector.

A delay of more than six hours will mean missing our connecting Cebu Pacific flight to Legazpi. But the worst-case scenario is for the flight to be cancelled. But I don't want to think about it.