26 November 2006

Winter comes early in Vancouver

WINTER came early to Vancouver as snow started falling at around 2pm today while we were at Lake Capilano, one of the three reservoirs that supply drinking water to the city. As we went home at around 6, snow has piled up all over the place.

Incidentally, this lake was hit hardest by mud and sediments brought about by a heavy storm that hit British Columbia 10 days ago, bringing turbidity to unprecedented levels. As a result, a boil-water advisory remains in effect until Monday. Since we arrived, bottled water has been our best friend.

A tour guide who happened to be in the area was telling his visitors that water supply from the lake -- which account for 40% of the total -- is still being held back by Greater Vancouver regional authorities.

After that Capilano sojourn, we proceeded to the Cypress Mountain Ski Resort in North Vancouver where Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado held a fistful of snow for the first time.:)