21 November 2006

Off to Vancouver (2)

AS THINGS stand, I'm now looking forward to enjoy this trip. The "police academy" episodes keep on piling up:

  • the saga of Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado's Canadian visa continued. Within reach yesterday, a disaster then stared me in the face as I went to the embassy to pick it up, only to correct itself at the end of the morning;
  • a successful last-minute episode at the Department of Tourism involving our travel tax;
  • only to be stymied by a 4-hour delay of our flight, which was moved to 9pm tonight instead of the published 5pm departure.
But the huge payback would be putting into motion the definitive retelling of the Naga City Hall's legendary "police academy" tradition, written by key protagonists themselves.:)


Dominique said...

As they say in Police Academy: "Move it! Move it! Move it!"

Happy trip, chief!