01 October 2006

Milenyo brings grief to Southern Bikol

TODAY'S issue of the Inquirer banners the story about the terrible damage Milenyo wrought to our region, especially Sorsogon province.

Sorsogon suffered P2.9 billion in estimated damages, more than half of the P4 billion Milenyo caused in the entire region. The typhoon is said to be the strongest to hit the province in 30 years. My heart bleeds especially for Sorsogon City, led by its indefatigable Mayor Sally Ante Lee, which is a fellow member of the PGS Dream Cities circle.

But knowing Mayor Lee, her civil society partners, as well as the local community, they will join hands in rising to the occasion and overcome this temporary setback. And the broad network of Sorsogueños here and abroad--2006 Ramon Magsaysay awardee Eugenia Duran Apostol and billionaire Loida Nicolas Lewis easily come to mind--will surely waste no time to raise the needed resources to bring the province back on its feet.

Everybody is most welcome to join the effort, which should be top in the agenda of the city government when it reconvenes tomorrow.