31 October 2006

'Pusong mamon,' a prayer and the slighted grandma

LAST Sunday, my mother-in-law Corazon cut short her intended two-week vacation in Tobog, Oas, Albay after receiving an SOS from her favorite granddaughter Pep.

Just a week back, Lola Oas--as she is called endearingly by our kids, to distinguish her from Yayang, the other lola from Sagrada, Pili--abruptly packed all her belongings and other sentimental stuff, taking several bags to fill in. It was a scene straight from an Anita Linda/Gloria Romero movie: daughter and mom have a 'serious conversation', hurtful words are let loose, mom feels slighted and suddenly wants out.

The turning point came last Saturday as I drove my kids from their monthly youth event at our Kingdom Hall in Banasi. Sofie and Pep spent the rest of the afternoon at Yayang's because Nokie fell asleep. It was already dark when we went back to Pacol.

On the way, they took turns in singing
"Panalangin" ("Prayer"), a revival hit originally sung by the Apo Hiking Society. Then out of the blue, Pep asked me when is her Lola Oas coming back. When Sofie replied she'll be away for another week more, Pep started crying inconsolably. She only stopped when I promised that we will call her Lola and tell her to come home.

Pep's crying resumed when my wife wouldn't make the call. So I texted Tobog, Oas:
"Si Pep sigeng ngawngaw. Haen na daa Lola nya." The reply came in very swiftly: I'll go if you fetch me tomorrow.

So last Sunday off we went to fetch the slighted Lola. On the way back, Pep--my straight-shooting '
pusong mamon' of a daughter, who once teased me why I keep on running away--sang her version of "Panalangin" to her beloved grandma, her eyes filled with joy. Yesterday morning, she obliged me with this repeat performance, and my first stab at YouTube. It's not Pinoy Dream Academy-grade, not worth Jim Paredes's while, but definitely worth keeping, and showing to her Lola whenever she is slighted again.:)


Jim said...

I loved it!

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Thanks for dropping by, Jim.

And if you are the Jim I truly hope you are, then I am mightily honored.:)

Anonymous said...

. oh, but your Pep can carry a tune:) nice entry . . and the video is precious

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Thanks for the kind words, anon:) Gives me the juice to go on, and on...