05 October 2006

Normalcy returns, somehow

NORMALCY somehow returned to our home last night with the restoration of electric power--but no thanks to the Casureco II crew who promised to return Tuesday but did not. This, after fixing the main line to Grandview two days ago, thereby bringing service back to most of the housing units there--except us and our neighbors.

Each one of us had to pay P250 to a barangay electrician to have our broken lines fixed.

Anyway, it was bliss to see our three-year old Nokie finally sleep soundly through the night, sparing me and my wife of our post-Milenyo troubles. It took most everyone quite sometime to readjust last night: had not my mother-in-law not turned the TV on, my daughters--Nokie included--would have all but forgotten about the sometimes annoying Kris Aquino and her TV show
Deal or No Deal. Or better still, forget that we had a TV set dominating our small living room. But readjustment came in a zip. In no time, they were already shuttling channels between Captain Barbell and Super Inggo.

By now, as I write this, I assume they should already be bracing to see how
Pasion de Amor will eventually end up (if it is not done yet).


gibbs cadiz said...

hi there, from sorsogon here, fellow bicolano. :) got your blog URL from mong palatino's roundup on typhoon milenyo. mind a link-up? :)

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

No problem, Gibbs. My pleasure.:)

toteperez said...

hi willy,

musta kapatid?im joseph perez Ford IFP Fellow Batch 3. Anion ako ngunyan sa Bond University, GoldCoast Australia taking up Master of Communication (journalism) 1 year ako malapigot didi... tapos ka na yata kan studies mo, iyo?

classmate ko si gibbs sa Our lady of Penafrancia seminary sa sorsogon, yaon siya ngunyan sa PDI, saro s mga lifestyle editors. Natyempohan ko ini na blogsite mo dahilan kan blog niya... hilinga baya ano?

Ipadagos lang kita Willy sa pag hingoha... dios mabalos!


Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Joseph. It's really a small world, isn't it? Australia should be a breeze. Do stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi, totep. I'm a gate-crasher here, si Emir Gamis ini. Nailing ko ang post mo digdi kang naghahanap ako ki bicolano weblogs.

Kaya man palan nawara ka sa Sorsogon ta yaon ka diyan. God bless, padi!

Anonymous said...

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