04 December 2006

Beware of November: Views outside my window

I TOOK the following videos during lulls of Reming's onslaught last Thursday, especially when her howling winds already reversed course and spared our house.

The first was taken at 2:04pm. Note that the roof of the Grandview multipurpose hall is still intact. My car is parked just outside our house, right below my window. Like most everyone in Bikolandia, we never expected a devastating howler will come avisiting.

The second one was taken more than an hour later, at 3:09pm to be exact. I merely caught the tailend of the typhoon's tremendous fury. But it shows how she waylaid our multipurpose hall's roofting too easily -- very much like my youngest daughter Ophelia Bianca tearing and crumpling her Ate Sofie's pad papers when having her fits.

This is already our sixth year at Grandview, and that hall stood up to the previous ones practically unscathed. Until Reming came along.

The third and fourth ones came another hour later, four minutes apart. The one at 4:17pm shows Reming starting to rip off the most exposed portion of the roof of our neighbors, the Ordases from Rinconada. It also shows the nearby church suffering the same damage.

The last one at 4:21pm was taken as Reming's onslaught started to slow down. The roof of the Ordases would stay as they are, until our community woke up the following morning to a terrible damage wrought by Typhoon Reming on Bonifacio Day 2006.

N.B. My deepest thanks to Avenue Square and Max's for their generous free WiFi connection that finally enabled me to rejoin the blogosphere.


grace said...

Hello, Willy. Nasa office ako wondering sa typhoon d'yan sa Naga. Helpless kami and worried sa mga relatives. I discussed with my daughter what to do to help them. Maayos ba ang way papuntang Bicol? Baka mastuck din sya dai makabalik sa Manila.

senenebio said...

bus travel was restored last friday morning. was in naga by 11 pm friday. travelled back to manila sunday night.

grace said...

Many thanks, Senen.

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Grace. The road to Legazpi is already passable since last week, and there are sorrowful stories we get from those who already tried.

Yesterday, somebody who dropped by at the office came from Tabaco at around 9am, and was only able to reach Naga at 4pm. Ordinarily, that would only be a 3-hour trip. He said he had to travel from Tabaco to Legazpi by foot. It was a virtual wasteland, according to him.

It is only from Legazpi that one can take a bus along the tremendously damaged Maharlika highway, starting from Ligao.

Anonymous said...

Maraming salamat, Mr. Prilles. My family is originally from Bicol and some relatives are still there (Bolinas) in Daraga (Binitayan) and Legazpi. We are here in the East (US) helplessly watching. Please show us more pictures. We have donated via International relief agencies.