13 December 2006

There's still time to help little Jack

IMAGINE having a child with a serious, life-threatening disease that's mostly unheard of where you live. Imagine not having health insurance, and living in a country that's medically a few steps behind the first world when it comes to rare cases like Fanconi Anemia (FA)....Imagine getting up every day hoping your child will get through it without getting sick or needing a transfusion.
I know these are hard times, especially for a city like ours that had just scraped through the most destructive natural disaster in the last 50 years. But the quote above is something else, especially for a father like myself. And I'd like to believe we still hold the other half of the sky.:)

As I write this, Urbano's campaign on behalf of Jack Simbulan still has 12 days to go. So there is still time to help little Jack. (I hope provisions for Philippine-issued credit cards can be made.)

Those who want some more details, there's this detailed explanation -- which contains the above quote -- from Urbano's latest post on Jack and the rare medical challenge he faces.