07 December 2006

I'm starting to love YouTube:)

AND WHO won't -- if on one's second try, he lands on a weblog of the venerable New York Times no less?

Well, that's what happened yesterday, to which my Grandview neighbor and fellow blogger Senen Ebio tipped me off in an email.

The particularly entry in the
NY Times weblog called The Lede -- which Tom Zeller, Jr. maintains -- can be found here. My YouTube videos -- the most popular of which had been viewed 901 times as of this writing since I posted it last Dec 4 -- can be accessed from this post.

To those wondering what's behind the name, here's the blurb:

About The Lede

In the news business, the opening sentences of a story are referred to as its "lede" -- spelled that way, journalism lore has it, to avoid confusion with the lead typesetting that once dominated newspaper printing presses. Although a tightly focused narrative typically follows the lede, every sentence in a news story has the potential to spiral off in new directions, and each paragraph leaves behind unexplored angles. That's where The Lede's mission begins.