19 December 2006

Haayy! 'twas finally over

MY ROLE as a stage father-cum-designated driver, that is. I was meant to post this one last Saturday evening before we packed for home but the free WiFi connection at Avenue Square was not cooperating. Most probably because of the sheer number of users sharing the available DSL line for the entire building. Hands down, Avenue has, in less than a year, become the place to be in Naga. And the free WiFi is surely one of the come-ons. The Cu family, and Donald, must be grinning from ear to ear.

Anyway, last Saturday afternoon, my two daughters Pia and Pep -- and 36 other classmates -- finally did their recital at the Madrigal Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Naga University. It went quite smoothly, except for a little snafu at the beginning (a little past lunch) that ruffled some feathers at the nearby Ignatian House.

Lead workshop facilitator Jobert Narvadez, and Julma, too, should be proud of the outcome nonetheless. The weather cooperated well -- with rainclouds massing to the south, I thought it would rain towards the end but fortunately it did not. I took some photos and video footages -- using a Sony DCR-HC40 -- of the occasion, but is still having trouble downloading them to my PC, mainly because of the Firewire thing.

Which made me pine all the more for that Nokia N73, which remains a little pricey.:) But I will get there, at one point in time.