06 December 2006

A perfidy of the highest order

THE fingerpointing started two days ago, as shown by these Inquirer articles here and here. With thousands of their fellow Albayanos dead and many more missing, a congressional investigation on what went wrong should have been the highest priority for Albay congressmen Edcel Lagman (1st district, which includes the heavily hit Sto. Domingo town) and Joey Salceda (3rd district, which includes the god-forsaken Guinobatan town).

I would also include Carlos Imperial (2
nd district, including Legazpi City, Daraga and Camalig) but he has been practically invisible since reelection in 2004.

Lagman and Salceda -- together with my own congressman Luis Villafuerte (whose province suffered the biggest damage in terms of electric transmission lines) -- are more concerned with resurrecting the half-dead charter change (cha-cha) rather than exact accountability from those who had been sleeping on their duties in the face of this deadly disaster. And for one be the congressional district representatives that they should be, for chrissake.

As usual, Manolo has the blow-by-blow account on this ongoing perfidy of the highest order. In the face of this unfolding national catastrophe, if there is one Philippine institution today that
Reming should have destroyed, it has to be the House of Representatives.


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