12 January 2007

It's that funny, relieving feeling

IT'S A great relief to be able to blog again.

Having finally disposed of some backlog, including that project proposal for the Canada Fund, and some personal obligations to boot, I was quite hesitant, even afraid to, start pushing the keyboard keys again to write the previous post an hour ago.

That funny feeling comes especially when the gaps between posts become an embarassing yawn. It's akin to being wakened from a long, deep slumber. And actually rising up from bed because it's time.

By the way, I'm happy that Rene Sanapo, my friend and mentor on the practice of local governance, and Cebu's gift to
promdis like us, is now blogging.


Dominique said...

Welcome back, Willy!

And, small world, I also know Rene! (or someone with the same name as he. Does he do stuff with GIS?)

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Dom! Sorry for not replying sooner.

The world is small indeed! That's the same Rene -- Cebu's original GIS guy who is now mostly into egovernance, and God knows what other things that he does very well.:)

The last time he texted me, aside from his foray into blogging, is arranging a study trip for some lucky Sri Lankans.:) Unfortunately, they're not lucky enough to get a chance to visit Naga and probably Dumaguete.

So how did the two of meet up?