12 January 2007

Too real to be 'drama'?

THE LAKAS vs. Kampi bloodletting has reached local shores, and none other than the blood of the Villafuertes' own allies will be spilled -- and probably including their own eventually -- if the bruited 'political drama' proves to be real.

Second district Rep. Luis R.
Villafuerte, president of Kampi (GMA's political party), locally known here as LRV and lately "Cong Ass" in the aftermath of the failed House coup, is now spewing vitriol against the Provincial Capitol, where his son Luis Raymond aka L-Ray (Lakas) is now holding sway. There are even unconfirmed reports saying that out of pique, he is now willing to finance former Naga city mayor and congressman Sulpicio "Cho" Roco, Jr. -- the late Raul Roco's brother whom he beat in 2004, and will likely face again in a rematch -- to run against L-Ray instead.

It appears L-Ray has developed too much liking for the Capitol -- considering that it is where the P300-million plus Camarines Sur Watersports Complex, his pet project (and favorite playground) is located -- that he has begun to defy his father's wishes.

Scuttlebutt has it that the elder
Villafuerte wants to retake his old post (which L-Ray inherited in 2004 after being term limited), but his son, backed up by wife and Monetary Board member Nelly Favis-Villafuerte, would have none of it. Mrs. Villafuerte, for some reasons we can only second guess, wants her hubby to spend more time in Metro Manila as congressman and as less time as possible in Camarines Sur.

L-Ray, deftly using the Capitol's
largesse and the powers of the governorship, has built up his own political machinery independent of his father's, consisting mostly of former allies who have switched loyalties and are now swearing fealty to the son, and no longer the father. Exhibit "A" would easily be Vice Gov. Salvio Fortuno, who will leave Capitol to run against incumbent Rep. Felix "Nancing" Alfelor, Jr. (LRV's close ally) in the 3rd congressional district of the province.

Previously, L-Ray also fired many of his father's alleged 15-30 "consultants," a move that is said to have triggered the rift and incensed the father to no end.

How this will play out eventually will be known by March 29, last day of filing of candidacies for local posts. Its effect on the widely expected candidacy of presidential son and carpetbagger
Dato Arroyo in the 1st district -- a sellout which LRV has cobbled up, with the willing participation of DBM Secretary and former 1st district representative Rolando Andaya, Jr., so that Dato can presumably run unopposed -- is another interesting development to watch out.

What will quickly convince me though that this 'political drama' is not contrived but really for real is if L-Ray unilaterally cleans up the "filth" on Plaza Rizal that he inherited from his father, and has thus far stayed -- in the process redeeming himself, and earning a measure of goodwill from the people of


dave (",) said...

Oooh.. this is something not even the scriptwriters of ABS-CBN or even GMA7 could've conjured. Hope you keep us posted.

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Dave.:)

Will try to keep you posted of developments.

Of course, you already know who the dramatis personae are:)