15 January 2007

Prepaid load shaving at Globe: The lame excuse

IN SO many words, the lady CSR from Globe told me that (1) their engineers have investigated my complaint; and (2) found nothing wrong from their end.

They attributed the load shaving incident to the probability that the automated Citibank Reloading service might have loaded ten successive P100 amounts, bringing about the P1,000 total. Inasmuch as a P100 credit expires in 18 days (probably 8, as the line was fuzzy), then the amount credited my prepaid account did expire naturally. And therefore poor me, for not using it within the prescribed period.

Unaware of what the fine print of Citibank's reloading service is, I conceded that the scenario is probable but is patently unfair. I told her I am not happy with the situation. It was at this point that I requested her to email me her report.

Unfortunately for her, the Globe engineers, and whoever came up with that lame excuse, the last line in the footnote to the Citibank link above contains the following:

Expiration of Load is 60 days.


Jaycee said...

What millions had experienced is forfeiture of the prepaid balance after a certain period of time.

The Constitution provides one cannot be deprived of his property without due process.

In criminal aspect it's either high tech estafa or robbery.

The trust and confidence we reposed to their company to use our money in advance (prepaid) had been violated. We paid but no services rendered.

They coerce and intimidate us to use their services through this fordeiture scheme which is against the will of the customer.

In civil law aspect,the terms of agreement between parties should not be onerous nor favorable to either.

We pay for the services and not to be swindled nor robbed.

The lawmakers gave the franchise, they should do something about it, otherwise I might think that they are beneficiaries of the company?

What law authorizes the company to forfeit the prepaid balance?