31 January 2007

Wire thieves!

UPDATE (7:07am, Feb 2): Last night's episode of TV Patrol Bikol reported on a similar incident in Legazpi City. That's around 100 kms away from us, which means these incidents are not some random acts of thievery.

JUST when I was getting a hang of the restored phone and internet service at home, opportunistic wire thieves struck either late last night or very early this morning at Km 7 near the Pacol-Ateneo junction, sawed off the newly repaired fiber-optic Bayantel cable connecting Grandview, and apparently took off with a bronze wire connector.

Thus, when I tried logging on at around 5am, our 2-day old phone line was dead again. When my son and I passed by the area, the huge black cable was dangling almost at
mid street. A little past lunch, two Bayantel personnel were already doing the required repair work. One of them has climbed up the pole and was patiently reconnecting the 100 or so wires inside the cable.

I have a hunch that bronze connector is already in the hands of some sleazy junk shop operator in the city. The police better arrest the perpetrators and the junk shops in cahoots with them. Otherwise, this incident will certainly not be the last.


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