15 May 2007

All over but the canvassing

IT'S ALL over but the canvassing of votes at the city level here, with unofficial results mirroring the Ateneo SSRC and the internal City Hall surveys I posted here earlier.

Pito Cuyo of the city mayor's office shared with me the tally sheet for uncontested and canvassed election returns (ERs) at the barangay level, based on the Liberal Party's copy of the ER.

The two-page summary, which I consolidated into a single document using Photoshop and representing around 90% of the total votes cast, can be accessed here.

Key highlights of the Liberal tally sheet, in comparison with the two surveys:

  • Mayor Robredo (76%) and Vice Mayor Bordado's (71%) winning margins were mostly as predicted by the City Hall survey (74% and 71%, respectively). It also appears half of Leni Robredo's 4% in the Ateneo survey were transferred to her husband.
  • Topnotcher incumbent City Councilor John Bongat (with 77% of the total votes cast) again towed the triumphant Team Naga ticket into another sweep. On the other hand, tailender Ma. Elizabeth Lavadia, who is taking her husband Julian, Jr.'s place in the council, has 55% of the total, 24 percentage points higher than 11th placer Ramon Perez's 21%.
  • Bucking the ASSRC survey result, which had Villafuerte up by 11 percentage points, former Rep. Sulpicio 'Cho' Roco appears to secured the 15% undecideds, posting a slim 12-percentage points edge over incumbent Luis Villafuerte.
  • But it translates only to a 4,673 cushion, which would be insufficient in overturning Villafuerte's expected advantage in the nine towns outside Naga, judging from the 2004 election results.
When I peeked at the ongoing canvassing at the Sangguniang Panlungsod session hall, Kampi lawyers however are still raising all possible legal roadblocks in an attempt to delay the inevitable in what generally was a peaceful election.


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