03 May 2007

April 20 political forum: 'Abang' Mabulo

UPDATE (4 May, 12:41pm): The following additional audio files from the April 20 political forum are already available:

INTERMITTENT power outages, at least three times today, and a personal unfamiliarity with audio editing technologies made it more difficult -- and sometimes frustrating -- to cut up audio files of the 2007 Election Political Fora arranged by the Caceres Commission on Communition (CCCom), in cooperation with the local Comelec.

My personal thanks to Mina Bermudo of CCCom, who graciously lent me several CDs containing the recordings.

For starter, here is 'Abang' Mabulo's opening 20-minute speech (18.3 MB, Windows Media Audio format).

Spoken from the heart, in the language of an NGO leader who dabbled in local politics, mobilized his people and exceeded expectations, I thought Abang connected with the audience and carried his message of hope very well.

Dato Arroyo's convenient absence did not detract anything from Mabulo's heartfelt performance. But the odds remains great: my sources told me DWNX did not give Abang sufficient media access they would ordinarily give to other 'favored' politicians, like Mayor Robredo or Gov. LRay Villafuerte.

And then, an urgent text message last week from Renee Gumba of the Ateneo Institute of Politics: it seems hamletting by the AFP has begun in the first district, particularly in Del Gallego. It is clear as day the military has taken sides.

The ironic thing is: ordinary people in the first district will probably answer Abang's call to arm him pebbles with which to slay his Goliath-like rival. But compromised democratic institutions are not about to let their voice be heard.


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