13 May 2007

Quick notes after Day 45

1. I FINALLY met the country's premier blogger, Manolo Quezon III, in the flesh yesterday.

He joined Black and White Movement leaders Enteng Romano, Leah Navarro and Dinky Soliman in a quick trip to Naga where they endorsed the candidacies of Sabas 'Abang' Mabulo and Sulpicio 'Cho' Roco, Jr. -- who are in their White List -- as well as extend support to the cause of Mayor Robredo.

Davao Today had the initial story here, courtesy of our Planet Naga blog aggregator.

2. Baycas, in his latest comment, alerted me to the availability of the Comelec 2nd division and en banc decisions that the much villified Brawner ponencia overturned.

If you are interested, they can be accessed from the Inside PCIJ website, via this link to Alecks Pabico's comment.

3. Finally, in a totally unrelated item to the ongoing necessary distraction, Neerav Modi announced yesterday that his Gmail-Mobile WAP-based alternative for accessing Gmail accounts through mobile phones has breached the 100,000 user milestone.

I am a big fan of his service. And precisely because it is WAP-based, I did not really get charged an arm and a leg when I sent that 1.8-MB email to Frank Mendoza, based on my latest statement of account.

Which means I can do this thing more often.:)


Neerav said...

It is wonderful to hear stories of the various ways in which gmail-mobile has helped users from around the world. Most surprisingly, you read the announcements?!? You and probably 5 other users. :-D

Just so you and your readers know: You didn't get charged for forwarding a 1.8MB attachment because the file itself did not pass through your phone's network (if it did, you would have been actually charged for 1.8MB twice!). One of the beauties of Gmail compared to other email services -- you don't have to download the attachment and then upload it again when sending/forwarding. It's also one of the reasons that make Gmail and gmail-mobile so fast.

gmail-mobile simply takes advantage of that and many other neat Gmail features.

So, use gmail-mobile and forward all you like. Don't neglect to take advantage of all the other features not found anywhere else, too. ;-) More features and improvements are also in the works like gmail-mobile on PC browsers (oops, did I just say that?). And onwards to the 200,000 user milestone! Only 20 more months to go...