07 May 2007

Scenes from the City Hall flag rite

BECAUSE a power outage greeted employees when they reported for work at around 8 am, Mayor Robredo was forced speak without a microphone.

Later, a mike-equipped campaign vehicle for comebacking City Councilor Jose Tuason arrived. Robredo would later use its hood as a makeshift stage.

Power was only restored at 10 am. Conspiracy theories linking it to the forthcoming May 14 elections abound. Personally, I am satisfied with this explanation from Transco vice president for Luzon operations and maintenance Guillermo Redoblado, having known him as a thoroughly professional guy when he was still with Napocor and I was working at the RDC a decade ago.

But then again, people can't help but be wary, given the track record of the Arroyo administration.

Meanwhile, an indignation rally is set for tomorrow, 5 pm, at the Plaza Quezon. Mayor Robredo's Manila-based friends and supporters are drafting a manifesto, which will be signed the following day at the AIM.

All these efforts are snowballing, thanks to increased media coverage, and outrage being expressed by frankly flabbergasted people. Manolo has the rundown on the latest to have weighed in on this unfolding travesty, as described by Conrad de Quiros.

Photos courtesy of Randy Villaflor


mschumey07 said...

I pray Mayor Robredo the best. We need more people like him We don't need the likes of Luis Villafuerte who lacks everything that is good and moral. FPJ and Alan Cayetano went through what the good mayor is enduring now.

This is how I put it. I would always choose a Filipino with Chinese blood with love and concern for his people, than a purported Filipino whose elder sold out the Filipino and who now has sold out his people to an evil tyrant

Anonymous said...

We are deeply saddened by the political "tragedy" that is happening in our country right now. I refer particularly to my hometown -Naga city, Philippines. Specifically, the HARASSMENT BEING DONE to incumbent Mayor Robredo. To the "powers of manipulation"---Naguenos are NOT--- repeat NOT gullible and will NOT take this sitting down.

I think its time to move again and show these political manipulators that the peoples' ultimate will cannot be transgressed!!!!

From: East Coast, USA

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Schumey, Anon: You can say those again!

dave (",) said...

I would have loved it if Robredo did a King Leonidas and yelled, "this. is. NAGAAAA!!!"

May I borrow those pics? I'd like to do some editing on them. If it turns out well, you'll see the results in my blog.

baycas2 said...

this is fairly convincing...from lawyer dawin...

i take back what i suggested at mlq3's site re: get mayors at all cost.

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Dave: "Go ahead. Make my day!"

Frankly, that Leonidas idea totally did not cross my mind. But it should be fantastic. I have a bunch of other photos taken by Randy; email me if you need more.

Baycas: Check my newest post. And thanks for pointing me to Dawin's.