08 June 2007

Social housing and education

THE LAST two presentations covered two areas where Naga has outstanding initiatives: the Kaantabay sa Kauswagan program for social housing, and the Reinventing the Local School Board for education.

Again, the discussions that followed were equally heated. While moderating the proceedings, I even got into the fray, especially when valid questions were raised about what I believed all along to be the fundamental strengths of these programs.

Reflecting on it now, I realize we still have a lot of grounds to cover, particularly in explaining to ordinary stakeholders -- who are mostly out of the loop -- at to why one policy is particularly crafted that way.

And very often, due to resource constraints, decisions to be made are usually of the bad-among-worst instead of best-among-good types. Unfortunately, ordinary people, when uninformed, will not readily and easily appreciate the reasons why. As usual, the slides follow after the jump.