02 February 2007

July 21

THAT'S when we finally will get to know the fate awaiting Harry Potter and his nemesis Lord Voldemort, not to mention his close friends Ron and Hermione. When Ezekiel found out while preparing for school, he let out a big "Yes!"

New York Times article here has all the details, including a $5 cover price spike for the final installment. Instead of $29.99, it will retail at $34.99. (I wonder what's the big deal with this 99-cent thing; why can't they just round off the whole amount?)

Which means I will have to wait a little more time for the market's exuberance to die down before getting my own copy when I get to visit National Bookstore. I have set P1,000 as the price ceiling for my previous hardbound purchases, but I think I will reconsider that for this one.

Give it a day, though, and you will already find out the answer through the internet. Aside from the news wires that are certain to cover this event, The Leaky Cauldron is always a good place to start. As with most, if not all "official" websites, J.K. Rowling's own site is always interesting, but it is too stingy on the details you desire the most.

Graphic nicked from the New York Times.


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