27 February 2007

Attention Nagueño student programmers

FROM Ruben Canlas, Jr. by way of the GMANews Bloggers Network:

Filipino programming students, take heed! Google is once again sponsoring students from all over the world to do some serious programming. The mission? To contribute code to an open source software (OSS) project.

Google calls this event "Summer of Code (SoC) 2007" and is much-awaited in the global open source community. Some of the beneficiaries last year included open source projects like Apache (majority of the web servers on the internet are Apache servers), PHP (a popular web programming language), Moodle (online learning) and Drupal (content management).
Last year, more than 600 students in 93 countries joined this event. Only two of those came from the Philippines. I'm sure we can do better than that:)

Interested? Ruben's entry on the subject has all the details.


jessie said...

i believe zak, a Bicolano FOSS enthusiast from Daet was one of the two ;)

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Then that's added motivation to do better this time. Any idea how Master Jessie?:)