21 February 2007

Updates on my versatile future teacher

I'M ALREADY resigned to seeing my eldest daughter Sofie becoming a teacher; her mother, who teaches high school maths at Cam High, also thinks the same way, but with pride and nary a feeling of resignation.

There are both positive and negative indications. The upside came last week, when out of the blue, and clearly within earshot, I heard her exclaim: "Perfect ka talaga Peps! Pareho kamo ni Gabe. Pinapaogma mo talaga ako." (You got perfect score Peps! Both you and Gabe. You made me very happy.") Apparently, her younger "pusong mamon" of a sister is not her only pupil from time to time; there's another playmate and both did well in a test she administered. Now, that's one versatile teacher proud of her craft.

The downside came about two weeks back. Working from the loft, I also heard this one straight from the horse's mouth, though not as clearly. But her mother and brothers attested to it: "Dai kamo magparakontra sako ta teacher ako!" ("Don't you go against me because I'm a teacher!") I think she got that from her Grade III class adviser, her favorite no doubt. Now, that sounds like a terror teacher to me, one who will brook no opposition. Or someone who has just ran out of argument.


Maryanne Moll said...

funny. my mother says that same thing, except that in her version it sounds like this: "dai kamo magpara kontra sako ta ina nindo ako!"

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

What scares me is that she's just seven years old.:)

But on the whole, Ate Pie remains a hardworking, responsible sister to her younger siblings -- except when she's having fits.