14 February 2007

Dreaming about fences mended

I HAD a weird dream last night. Mayor Robredo and Gov. LRay Villafuerte were shaking hands.

I don't pay dreams that much attention, but this I decided to write down. I just don't know: maybe its my subconscious at work, driven by an ideal for political leaders rising above their differences and working for the greater good of the province. A vision of statesmanship, of synergy and stuff -- you know, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

I always pine for the time the late Nonoy Bulaong was our governor; City Hall and Capitol were at peace then. Is it possible to bring it back? After the elections, can unity be part of the local agenda?

The chorus of this popular Kamikazee song -- one of my kids' favorite -- keeps playing on and on in my mind:
"Libre lang mangarap/Walang hanggan na paghiling/Libre lang mangarap/Managinip ka habang gising/ Libre lang mangarap/Managinip ka."