09 February 2007

Erap's statesmanship and an irrelevant "Third Force"

IN A comment to my post here, I said the following:

If only Erap were statesman enough to realize that both he and GMA have been a bane to the nation, he will (a) stop JV from running because one Ejercito is enough in the Senate; (b) ask John, the two Titos (Sotto and Guingona) and Tessie to stop it and give way to young guys like Noynoy, Koko, Alan Peter and Chiz; and (c) accommodate other "Third Force" probables like Sonia Roco, Ralph Recto and Francis Pangilinan -- to take the wind out of its sails.
In a subsequent post, I also said that wish is "unlikely to be granted," thus affirming the necessity for a "third force."

But today's top stories, like this banner headline from the
Inquirer, carry Erap's decision not to field his wife Loi (who can seek another term) or son JV for the coming senatorial election. Helped by natural political permutations that took out Tito Sotto and Tessie Aquino-Oreta from the picture, and except John Osmeña's inclusion -- clearly to accommodate the Osmeñas of Cebu -- in the slate, I practically got what I wished for.

This development has definitely taken the wind out of the "Third Force." It's now one-on-one between the administration and the opposition. And if the latter secures the needed win of at least an 8-4 margin, this shrewd statesmanlike gesture from Erap is the dealbreaker.

But then again, there's the more unpredictable, chaotic and bloody congressional races for the Lower House, which actually is more important as we saw over the last three years.