10 February 2007

Tagged again

BENITO Vergara, aka Bulletproof Vest, tagged me to "imagine the questions that led to the answer, and then provide your own answer." I found this one as engaging as his interview questions here. So once again, here goes nothing:

1. A Samsung F700, by way of Yuga. More powerful than Steve Jobs' iPhone. Way cooler than the Nokia N73 I was wishing for. Just dunno if I will be able to afford it.

2. A minibus that will comfortably seat me, my wife, our seven kids, my mother-in-law and our household help whenever we visit my parents in Pili.

3. From time to time, snippets from Collins'
Good to Great.

4. If I will get to live forever in Paradise together with my family.

5. An email from the Friedrich Neumann Foundation accepting me into their online seminar on the New Public Management (NPM). I've always thought a four-person School Board staff running a P39-million and counting budgetary support system for the public schools in Naga, including some 100 locally funded teachers and staff, is NPM in practice.

6. A Cold War spy like 007.

7. "Ang pag-ibig natin ay/Walang hanggang paalam."

8. A private dinner and night out with my wife. Doesn't come very often nowadays (except when we celebrated our 15th anniversary recently, but without the night out), with seven kids watching and shadowing your every move.

9. "Lolo mo?" My daughter Sofie's preschool teacher asked that the first time I walked her to school. Another variation which already happened twice with my youngest brother, 11 years my junior: "Tatay mo?"

10. Surviving the scare of my life.

Again, I'm tagging Kristian, Maryanne, Frankie, Dave and Irvin -- Bikol bloggers all.


dave (",) said...

Oh no not again, hehe.. Good thing I'm ready this time: presenting Highway Memes. Your previous tag has been answered there. Check it out and you will realize that it's a small blogging world after all ;)

Irvin said...


Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Will look forward to them guys:)

Happy said...


You've managed to obfuscate the questions even further.

Good job.


Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Happy, I wonder if it is possible to see what the original questions were, and see for myself how I obfuscated them.:)

Dan Coffey said...


I started this anti-meme by providing a set of answers to questions that the original tag-ees had to imagine. And after coming up with what the questions might have been, they had to provide their own answers. So there never were any questions. Following the blossom of this anti-meme has been enlightening.

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Hi Dan,

Thank you for clarifying. I hope you will find time describing these anti-meme blossoms in your forthcoming The Iowa Post articles.

I also wonder about the happenings in the Iowa Playwrights' Workshop I read about.