13 February 2007

State of the city

MAYOR Robredo presented his state of the city report last night at the Plaza Quezon, incorporating highlights of the draft progress report on Bikol's midterm performance on the Millennium Development Goals that I did for NEDA and DAP. The Sangguniang Panlungsod adjourned its session in the morning, resumed it later in the evening, and suspended its rules to allow the mayor to present his report.

The ensuing open forum that we hoped would encourage more meaningful interaction between ordinary citizens and their leaders did not materialize as planned. The two commenters fielded utter nonsense so Vice Mayor Gabby Bordado had to rule them out.

I am posting the Powerpoint presentation that accompanied the mayor's report here. I'm sure this -- and the text of the report -- will be uploaded in the city website later, together with an updated report on Tabang Naga's collections. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.