15 March 2007

45 days later...

...AND only a measly $1 dollar to show?

I don't know if you've noticed, but this blog already has ads by way of Google Adsense.

They've been there for the last month and a half after I explored what other Google services -- aside from Blogger, Gmail, Reader, Docs and Spreadsheets, Maps and Earth -- can enhance my online experience. Adsense looked inviting. After all, many other vastly popular Filipino bloggers have wrote about what blogging bought them.

But I guess I'll have to perish the thought. At the rate I'm going, it will take me 12.5 years before I can reach $100. I'll probably be a lolo already when that time comes.:)


Urbano dela Cruz said...

i can empathize, willy.

I took all of three months to reach $3 with adsense.

so i decided, why bother? the ads were just adding to the clutter on my page.

Filipinayzd said...

Hehe. Sa I.PH, hindi nalalagyan ng kowds! Buti nga't nagwork yung sa Pinoy Top Blogger (nasa ika-3 peyj ako, huli kong tingin 104th). Salamat sa mga referer, dagdag hits.

Maryanne Moll said...

Which is why I just did away with all of that after about a week or two. It just messes the design of my blog, which I happen to really like. And I can pretty well just earn my money somewhere else, thank you very much.

Dominique said...

After close to three years of blogging, I finally hit the $100 mark last week. So don't give up just yet!

I echo Maryanne's sentiments: Adsense is not going to earn me a living. But it does give me some silly little thing to laugh about ("oh, look, I earned $0.10 today!").

As for the design, I think it's more a matter of working your design to include it. Just my $0.02 (which is, incidentally, how much I earned the other day....)

Rexted said...

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