17 March 2007

Viral marketing; Blogging as teaching tool

THIS comment from Felize Angela Mendoza aka Angel of the Philippine Science High School reminded me of Cyberbaguioboy's entry on aspiring filmmaker Paolo Dy and viral marketing, and nudged me to check the link.

Inspired by what I saw, not so much the video I did not see, I added the following (edited) comment:

Much as I want to comment on the content of the video, YouTube is taking like forever to load on my 52kbps Blast-powered connection at home where I write this at this unholy hour (a little past 2am). What more if it’s already daytime and there are more people competiting for this very narrow pipe.

Anyway, let me just congratulate Martin Perez for demonstrating the potential of blogging as a teaching tool. I already posted somewhere in my blog a vision of seeing all public school students in Naga blogging to their hearts content.

IT investments in the public school system are fine. But only a teacher who is comfortable with technology and makes the most out of these tools to point his students towards the limitless possibilities available can accelerate the process.

I’ll add you in my blogroll, and hope to inspire our local teachers to do the same.:)
I tried it already but I think the HTML code of this blog is still not yet YouTube-ready, so this link to their video will have to do for the meantime.

How about it, Naga City Science High, the ESEP classes of Camarines Sur High and of course, the Goa campus of Pisay?