26 March 2007

Dangerous to your health

...ESPECIALLY if you are a lowly motorbiker.

Last night, on my way home after a quick trip to the city center at around 6pm, an eager beaver white Mitsubishi L-300 van ran me off the road near the Caceres Sports Arena along San Felipe.

For about a kilometer, a convoy of solidly built vehicles coming from the city's uplands -- with passenger jeepneys interspersed -- passed me by, beginning at the Peñafrancia Church; but they were at least cruising patiently at less than normal speed. Then came that L-300 van charging, overtaking another vehicle at the convoy's tail, apparently wanting to rejoin the head of the pack.

But when he made that maneuver, I was clearly on the right lane, with my headlights on, and there is no way he could not have seen me. Fortunately, I instinctively braked hard, slowing my Honda Wave down almost to a stand still and quickly swerved into the shoulder. Had I not done so, I would either be dead already or lying in a hospital, and this rant would not have seen the light of day: either dying with me, or in a state of suspended animation.

I have a feeling that convoy was assembled at the behest of one of the many politicians now seeking public office. From that experience -- no thanks to their undisciplined, boorish, and irresponsible drivers so very like the power-tripping fly sitting on top of their beast master -- these politicians can literally be dangerous to our health. Especially if you are a lowly motorbiker.


Dominique said...

Whew! What a scrape! Glad to hear you're okay, Willy.