03 March 2007

Hello, Mr (Nigel) Bean:)

BUSING IN from Naga for a 10am meeting in Ortigas, I decided to kill time at my brother's place in Kabihasnan. Unable to get a decent sleep, I asked him if the James Bond movie that I requested for download via BitTorrent is already available. Fortunately, it is in his portable mini hard disk.

I did not get to finish Never Say Never Again, the last Bond movie that Sean Connery starred in, with Barbara Carrera and Kim Basinger as his leading ladies. But halfway through, I saw someone familiar, playing the role of a bumbling Bahamas-based bureacrat in the British secret service named Nigel. When the camera zoomed into his face, it was, who else, but a young Rowan Atkinson, the genius behind the very popular Mr. Bean comedy series.

I had to write this down because I will bring home a copy of the movie and show it to my kids, who all have grown to love the bumbling Mr. Bean, so much so they call me their own Papa Bean. Of course, you already have an idea what it means.:)


Dan said...

Yeah, many of us love Mr. Bean series since younger age.

Haven't watch the Never say Never before, but now that you mentioned it, might have it a go myself. :)

Maryanne Moll said...

I'd take Mr. Bean over James Bond anytime. :)

Willy B. Prilles, Jr. said...

Dan: I only discovered Mr. Bean when I already had kids, and a friend told me about one episode he really found very funny. My reaction: "Bean who?"

Mary Anne: I hope I will not reach a point where I need to make that choice. I love both of these English creations, although James Bond is not exactly popular among the more discerning women who think somewhat like Judi Dench's M - that he's a misogynist relic from the Cold War era.