14 March 2007


FRIDAY last week was a largely uneventful day for many city hall workers, and it supposed to be so for me. But for some reason, it ended most joyfully as a vicious dog bite suffered by my father about two months ago eventually led to the long-overdue reconciliation between estranged siblings.

I was meaning to write a short note about it over the weekend, but recurring incidents of telephone wire slashing -- which is becoming more and more a sadistic prank than plain thievery -- cut me, and our Grandview community, off the worldwide web.

I will not bore you will details of how the estrangement began, and how it tore apart a close-knit family apart. For they belong to the dustbin: what is important is the restored happiness, not to mention sanity, in our lives and of those we hold dear.

The face of my mother is especially bright these days, freed from the worries and the pains that she had to quietly bear through all these years. My 90ish grandfather has to be the happiest: nothing can be more painful than seeing invisible walls rising and distance growing between offsprings -- especially if you know you did everything that is humanly possible to rear them well according to what the Good Book says.

Me? Of course, I am happy for all of them: for my mother who continued to believe, and finally getting what she had been praying for; for my grandpa who really deserves to see this reconciliation happen within his lifetime; and for everyone of us in the family. I am also happy for myself, for seeing my flagging faith revived by that very act -- proving that while time heals all wounds and faith does move mountains, love truly conquers all.