15 March 2007

An education seminar wants you

IF YOU are a young Pinoy leader working in research, science, education, labor and youth issues, you might be interested in an international seminar on the theme "No Education: No Freedom, No Opportunity."

This seminar is part of the 2007 training program of the International Academy for Leadership (IAF) which is based in Gummersbach, Germany. Twenty-four slots are available for English and Spanish-speaking participants to this event that will take place on May 13-25, 2007.

The Academy's whole offering for the year can be accessed here.

Interested parties can email their application letters and short CVs to applications@fnf.org.ph. Deadline is on March 23.


~angel~ said...

Hi! I am Felize Angela Mendoza, a sophomore student from Philippine Science High School. I just want to show you our project in Social Science (Pisay Meets World), We Hold the Future. It shows how students like us can make a difference.

Please click the link below (my teacher’s blog) and please also click the video frame which links to YouTube, please leave a comment there, you need an account to comment (in YouTube). We need comments.

The video will take only about 5-6 minutes of your time.

Would you mind putting our video on our site? It would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much. Ü