01 March 2007

A disclaimer

RELATED to the previous post, I also derive satisfaction from the fact that I may probably be the only city government department head in the Philippines today who blogs, notwithstanding the fact that I was a blogger first before assuming Naga's planning portfolio.

Nonetheless, this can create some complications. Conflicts can arise between the my new planning persona and my personal beliefs and pursuits as an individual, as a father and family man, as member of our village, as a resident of our city, as citizen of our country, and as a member of my faith.

But then again, these complexities make life beautiful and interesting. To deny that they exist is to deny life itself.

In my 200th post, allow me therefore to make this disclaimer: This is my personal blog, and everything it contains are my own thoughts and opinion, for which I am fully responsible. As such it does not represent the official position of the City Government of Naga and its city planning and development unit.